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Fix-A-Test Success

From Aggie Cohen: Another Frostbite was blessed by nearly perfect weather and completely perfect volunteers! This was our first “Fix-A-Test,” format, and I, for one, am a complete fan. Pat Belskie was our check-in secretary, and greeted competitors with such a sunny smile we hardly noticed that we were handing over our entry fees. Dressage […]

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Timberland HDT Results

The Carolina Horse Park sponsored HDT, September 30-October 16, 2016. was a tremendous success, with almost 50 turnouts competing in CT and CDE Formats. CT Winners: Intermediate 2 Horse…Daphne White Intermediate Pony Single…Deborah Branson Prelim Pony Single…Irene Gillis Prelim HC Pony Single…Dana Diemer Prelim Horse Single…Kelly Valdes Training Limited Pony Single…Claudia DeLorme Training Limited Horse […]

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