February Frostbite Show Report

From Aggie Cohen:
What a treat this Sunday’s Frostbite Schooling show was! The weather was brisk, after a week of almost summer-like days, so our equine partners were keen to play. Several of us participating in the show had the fortune to also take part in a clinic sponsored by the USDFD – Driving for the Disabled The clinician, Sara Schmidt. is a well known driver, trainer and judge for driving, as well as being a ridden dressage competitor, trainer and judge. Once the disabled drivers had filled their slots in the clinic, times were open to those of us who did not officially fit the criteria. David and I were both in awe of how our ponies were going after our lessons. Now if we can only achieve that level on our own!
Sara judged our schooling show the next day and continued to provide education and guidance that will help us all in our journey to be better drivers. Joanie Wilson, as her scribe, sent us home with comments we could read and work from for the future. We were hosted by the Dragstra family for the show, and were made to feel as welcome as the birds in spring. Hannah and Nick provide great secretarial support; we could not have have kept the papers from flying with the wind without them. The Grippa’s provided the “big” ring, and saved us having to change over. Now If I can only remember to park the Judge’s truck at C” and not “A” we will actually save time. Craig Kellogg designed the interesting cones course. Walking it was a little intimidating, but once it was driven, the scary looking questions he posed made a great deal of sense. I want to thank Allison Edgerly, a new driver, for coming out to volunteer and get her feet wet as our cones scribe. After a few more driving lessons I am sure we will see her in the ring, too! Steven Preble was our timer, and sent us all off with a cheerful smile. The pushers were Diane McKay (also our brave photographer), Randy Sabatino and Paul Grippa. Herman Hoberecht did hospitality and score running. Maureen Grippa scored for us, so that the results did not take a full week while Marcie is unavailable. David Cohen, Paul Grippa and Craig Kellogg put in the muscle power to get our toys to where we needed them, and then back home to the trailer again. Many thanks to the folks who put hours of work into planning this show and to the volunteers who come out to make it possible for us to play.

Results for the February 26/2017 Frostbite Schooling show:

FEI1* Paul Grippa-1st place (79)

PSH BooFitch-1st place (48)
PSH Gloria Ripperton-2cd (55)
PSH Peter Harding-3rd (59.5)
PSHJordan LaPlaca-4th (67)

PPH Wiebe Dragstra-1st (54)
PPH Brice Stine-2cd (110)

PSP Boo Fitch-1st (37)
PSP Pat Belskie-2cd (51)
PSP Aggie Cohen-3rd (62)
PSP David Cohen-4th (63.5)
PSP Nancy Wright-5th (64.5)

TSP Pam Hudson (49)
TSP Pat Riley (66)
TSP Susam Emmert (85.5)

TSP (Dressage only) Susan Emmert-1st (58)

GAGSP Gail Riley 1st (59)

Mary Cody 1st (64.5)

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