Fix-A-Test Success

From Aggie Cohen:
Another Frostbite was blessed by nearly perfect weather and completely perfect volunteers! This was our first “Fix-A-Test,” format, and I, for one, am a complete fan. Pat Belskie was our check-in secretary, and greeted competitors with such a sunny smile we hardly noticed that we were handing over our entry fees. Dressage was judged by Keady Cadwell (with scribe Deb D’Angelo). The chance to hear some encouraging words and then do the test again right away was very educational. Our cones course was designed and set up by Keady and Randy Cadwell, and proved to be very drivable as well as asking interesting questions of the competitors. One of the things I learned was that going through gate 4 twice does not excuse you from going through gate 8, Steve Preble timed, with Maggie Sullivan, Walter Lavalle, Paul Grippa, and Patsy O’Brien doing the pushing. The true hero of the day was Florene Maroncelli, who picked up and delivered the doughnuts and coffee. Herman Hoberecht did score runner and hospitality duties.
Besides organizing, secretarial duties and competing, Marcie Quist catered the delicious lunch for volunteers and competitors. Tim Williams scored the entries, as well as providing encouraging words and smiles with the dressage tests. Thanks to David Cohen and Paul Grippa for fetching items from the club trailer for the show, and promising to put them away on. Monday. Tear down was a group effort, and was made much easier with many hands, followed by camaraderie and laughter until we broke up to go home. I probably say this after every show, but if you are on the fence about participating, come out and play with us. You can not possibly make a mistake that all of us have not already made, and you will have more fun than you ever thought you would! If those words are not enough to get you out with your equine, come out and volunteer. It is a wonderful way to get your toes wet and learn the ropes (and find out this whole thing is not so scary after all).

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